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2021 Jul

내 고향 월명동, 표적의 골짜기|Archive| [English Translation] My Hometown Wolmyeongdong, the Valley of Signs  |  Chung Cheong Herald

2020 Feb

Visit Wolmyeongdong, The Center of Providence, God’s New History | Archive | The Korea Post

2019 Sep

기독교복음선교회 ‘2019 돌보석 축제’…대성황

| Archive | [English Translation] Christian Gospel Mission ‘2019 Rock Gemstone Festival’… A Great SuccessPine News

2019 May

‘2019국제평화축구축제’ 2002월드컵 열기 재현, 4만여 관중 열광

| Archive | [English Translation] ‘2019 International Peace Soccer Competition’, Re-enactment of the 2002 World Cup Fever, Made more than 40000 Viewers Ecstatic| Pine News

2018 Feb

기독교복음선교회(총회장 정명석), 2018년 희망과 감사로 새롭게 도약|Archive| [English Translation] Christian Gospel Mission (President Jung Myung Seok), Leap forward with Hope and Thanksgiving in 2018| Uri News

2017 Sep

JMS 정명석 총재 “10년의 십자가, 용서와 화해의 길 열다”|[English Translation] Jung Myung Seok Cleared From Second Round of AllegationsJeong Kyeong News

2017 Aug 29

8/29世大運公園好好玩 ─世界匯演show 「CGM理想世界Heaven’s Party」透過藝術為選手加油 | Archive| [English Translation] “Ideal World- CGM Heaven’s Party” Cheers for Athletes of the Taipei 2017 Universiade Through Artistic Performances | CNA Taiwan

2017 Jun 15

「走!淨灘去!」CGM主大永教會百名青少年志工熱情響應 結合國際志工組織Let’s do it,不畏豔陽以行動愛地球 | Archive | [English Translation] “Let’s Clean Up the Beach!” CGM Partners With Let’s Do It Foundation to Put Loving the Earth into Practice | CNA Taiwan

2017 Jun

MBN Director’s Apology Letter to CGM| MBN News

2017 Jun

TV Chosun’s Apology Letter to CGM | TV Chosun

2017 Feb 28

CGM基督教福音宣教會與心路合唱團 公益音樂會感動演出 | Archive | [English Translation] A Moving Performace: Public Welfare Concert by CGM and Syin-lu Choir中央通訊社

2017 Feb 26 

Syin-lu Choir Stands on the National Concert Hall for the First Time (Liberty Times) | Liberty Times

2017 Feb 26

用愛圓夢 心路青年登音樂殿堂 | Archive | [English Translation] “Dreams Achieved With Love” Public Welfare Concert Syin-lu Choir Stands on the National Concert Hall for the First TimeYouth Daily News | Sina News | PChrome News | Yam News

2017 Feb 23 

CGM福音宣教會&心路基金會用愛圓夢公益音樂會2/26與您見面 | Archive | [English Translation] Dreams Achieved With Love Public Welfare Concert by CGM & Syin-lu Social Welfare Foundation | 中央通訊社

2017 Feb 23

心路合唱團成軍20周年 首踏國家音樂廳 | Archive | [English Translation] Syin-lu Choir’s 20th Anniversary Stands on the National Concert Hall for the First Time | China Times

2016 Dec 18

福音宣教會公益音樂會 用音樂傳播和平的種子盼社會和睦有愛 | Archive | [English Translation] CGM’s Charity Concert: Spreading Peace Through Music in Hopes of a Loving SocietyA咖新聞網

2016 Jun 2

CGM Brings Laughter to 60 Stateless Children | Archived Original | Next Magazine

2015 Mar 16

정명석 총재 관련 보도에 대한 정정보도문 | Archive | [English Translation] Retracting Misinformation about Jung Myung Seok | Yonhap News

2015 Jan 13

[정정보도문] 과거 종교집단 수사 저항…교주 ‘해외도피’ | Archive | [English Translation] (News Correction) Religious group resistant to investigation in the past… A ringleader ‘fleeing overseas’ | MBN News

2014 Jul 9

ILYO Apologizes for Defaming Jung Myung Seok | Original Article | Archive

2013 Nov 14

법무부, ‘정명석(JMS교주)특혜 의혹’ 해명 | Archive | Daejeon City Journal

2013 Nov 6

법무부, JMS 총재 특혜 ‘의혹’…“사실과 다르다” 반박 | ArchiveHyundae News

2013 Nov

박범계의원발 정명석 수감 특혜 의혹, 법무부 “아니다.”해명 | Archive | [English Translation] Pak Bom-kae’s questioning of Jung Myung Seok’s special treatment, Justice Ministry rules “No.” | Uri News

2013 Oct

“정명석 JMS총재, 교도소 호화생활 주장은 왜곡 보도” 주장 제기돼 | Archive | [English Translation] Media reports on Jung Myung Seok (President of JMS) living in luxury in prison a distortion | Uri News

2012 Dec 

JMS 정명석 총재 사건 모두 무혐의 종결 | Archive | [English Translation] All Previous Cases Related to JMS Religious Organization’s Founder, Jung Myung Seok, Dismissed Without Charge. | Jeong Kyeong News

2012 June

JMS 정명석 총재 사건 사회문제인가 종교전쟁인가 | Archive | [English Translation] Is the Issue with Jung Myung Seok Social or Religious? |Jeong Kyeong News

2012 Apr 5th

JMS, “동영상은 여론몰이 전략” | Archive | NewsnJoy

2012 Apr

기독복음선교회, 다시 주목받는 이유 | [English Translation] “Why is Christian Gospel Mission Back in Spotlight?” | Newsmaker

2012 March

JMS는 이단도 아니고 사탄도 아니다 | Archive | [English Translation] “Jung Myung Seok not a cult, not satan.” | Minjung News

2010 Mar 31

기독교복음선교회(JMS)와 정명석 총재, 가려진 10년의 진실<3부> 정명석 총재 알고 보니 피해자(?), K씨 20억 돈 요구 | Archive | [English Translation] News Daily “The truth concealed behind the 10 year sentence of Jung Myung Seok, Chairman of Christian Gospel Mission (JMS) – The 20billion won request from K | News Daily

2010 Feb 26 

기독교복음선교회(JMS)와 정명석 총재, 가려진 10년의 진실<2부> 성폭력 피해자라 주장하던 Y씨, 법정서 양심선언 | Archive | [English Translation] “The truth concealed behind the 10 year sentence of Jung Myung Seok, Chairman of Christian Gospel Mission (JMS) –  Ms. Y falsely claimed herself to be a victim of sexual assault by Chairman Jung, but confessed the truth in court. News Daily

2010 Feb 15

월간지 記者 추적 “정명석 사건 재심필요” | Archive[English Translation] Break News Report “Jung Myung Seok case needs a retrial.” | Break News

2010 Feb 12

기독교복음선교회(JMS)와 정명석 총재, 가려진 10년의 진실<1부> S방송사 고발프로의 허위성 | Archive | [English Translation] “The truth concealed behind the 10 year sentence of Jung Myung Seok, Chairman of Christian Gospel Mission (JMS) –  Falsified News Report by SBS.”

2010 Feb 7

JMS(기독교복음선교회) 정명석 총재는 | Archive | [English Translation] “Jung Myung Seok Cross: Why and for Whom?” | Minjung News

2009 May 5

2009基督教福音宣教會_新聞_ 母親節活動 (2009 Mother’s Day Event )| 三立新聞