Christian Gospel Mission Statement 2022.03.16

Ex-members of the Christian Gospel Mission (hereafter CGM) held a press conference this afternoon and raised allegations of sexual harassment against Jung Myung Seok, the president of CGM.

Firstly, we regret that this situation involving unsubstantiated allegations against CGM has arisen. We  also express our deepest condolences to the two women who participated in this press conference. However, their claims regarding sexual assault are untrue and are distortions or exaggerations.

In this regard, after gaining a clearer understanding of what the exact allegations are, we will be as cooperative as possible so as to ascertain what is right and what is wrong. Additionally, please bear in mind that any reckless speculation or reporting on incomplete information, without revealing or accounting for all the facts, will cause unnecessary damage to the members of the CGM, especially to the women and youth who are of similar age as the women at the press conference. We earnestly ask that you refrain from reporting false, exaggerated or lascivious content based on unconfirmed information. If problems arise as a result, we will take legal action. 

Christian Gospel Mission Headquarters

Original Statement in Korean